<!DOCTYPE TEI.2 system 'tei2.dtd' [<!ENTITY % TEI.spoken 'INCLUDE' >]> Location recording by John Laudun interviewee Oscar Babineaux

Audio Technica AT-825 microphone, XLR-to-3.5mm cable, Sony D6 Walkman

July 2000 Rayne, Louisiana
It was like ... Jenny Jenny crossed the ocean. Jenny Jenny crossed the sea. She landed to the little town name of Breadbug. She walked in the bar. She said, bartender, bartender give me a piece of meat. Bartender pulled out a plate with a funky piece of meat. Say, bartender, do you know who I am? She said, frankly speaking m’am I don’t give a damn. So he said one son of a bitch who was in the back stood up and said well let’s hang her. Another son of a bitch stand up on the other side and he said No, let’s cook her Said a big tall black guy stood up in the back and said let’s barbecue the motherfucker.