Academics and researchers produce a lot of material. While its inherent interest varies, the need to collect it – either for the sake of sharing, for the sake of a vita, or because the producer is forgetful – remains constant. After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, I settled on collecting everything on GitHub, where they can be accessed either through this website or through the GitHub repository interface.

Not everything here is fully accessible: in addition to plain text files, usually written in markdown, and PDFs, there are plenty of Word, Pages, and Keynote documents. Part of my goal in centralizing these things is, once collected, to embark upon a thorough converting of all the documents to open, accessible formats.

Once upon a time, the blog, the teaching materials, and the portfolio lived in three different locations on the internet. They are now all under one roof, but I am still in the process of putting/pulling everything together. While I do that, please feel free to browse available publications and presentations.

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