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01 Sep 2023

If you are interested in your writing having an audience, if you are interested in dialogue and not monologue, if you want to have some effect in/on the world, then you have to go where the people are and you have to find some way into the marketplace of ideas. The blogging landscape has shifted considerably in the almost 20 years I have been doing some version of it. Right now, personal blogs sitting on boutique infrastructures just are not quite seeing the same kind of circulation they once did. (To be clear, I never broke about 200 reads in any single day, or if I did it was only momentary.)

Right now, Medium seems to have found a decent niche for content creators. You can find me at

Medium home page

I am not entirely satisfied with Medium. For one, its only editing interface is the website itself: you can work off-line, but once your draft is on Medium and you edit there, you can’t easily get the draft back onto your local machine, barring copying and pasting. That also means that there is no way to download an archive of your work. Just as importantly, you can’t upload a back catalog of your work: Medium assumes anything you publish will be published now.

I have quite a back catalog of posts from my old WordPress site, and I guess I will work on getting them uploaded here, which will suffice as some kind of archive — and I can’t imagine there is much of an audience for that old stuff anyway. Still, it would be nice if some of these processes were easier…

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