“You have a smart one here.”

Lily had her second visit to the eye doctor a month ago. She had been complaining a bit about being able to see on occasion, and since Yung got glasses at an early age, we worried that Lily might need glasses, too. She came home with eye drops for allergies. The doctor believed her vision problems might be a function of seasonal allergies and wanted to see her again after a month of using the drops.

And so for a month or so we put drops in her eyes. (She was really good about it.)

Today she returned to the eye doctor for her follow-up appointment.

The doctor checked her far vision first. Good. Lily noted that she occasionally had trouble seeing up close. The doctor gave her a card to read, first blocking one eye. Lily read the prescribed line. The doctor covered the other eye. Lily read it. The doctor was turned to Yung to say something when a smile spread across Lily’s face.

“Her near vision seems good,” the doctor said.

“That’s because I memorized them,” Lily said.

The doctor looked at her, looked at Yung, and noted “you have a smart one here” and then got up to get a different card for Lily to read.

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