“Wield Your Attention”

Leigh Alexander, a regular writer over at Gamasutra, has an interesting report of an interview with Wolfgang Hammersmith. Hammersmith is Vietnam War veteran who went on to do some Black Ops work — I guess as part of his career in the Marines. He now has a book out, Beyond The Call Of Duty: Gunfight!. Smith, who regularly questions the violent dimension of many video games, draws some interesting points out of Hammersmith, including the following:

A key tenet of Hammersmith’s tactical lessons doesn’t even require a weapon in hand: “Wield your attention,” he advises, elaborating in his book on how crucial it is for individuals to be able to control the sphere of their focus, dealing with immediate circumstances and with a wide-lens view of their environment in a more total fashion. It’s advice that can be applied directly to gun combat, or can be taken abstractly as philosophy and metaphor.

The interview is here.

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