Where there’s a will

The old saying goes, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” As someone interested in making, in the full [Make Magazine][make] sense of that word, I was delighted to read about a project to “open source” a wireless network … in Afghanistan. The project is called *FabFi* and it uses common building materials and off-the-shelf electronics to transmit wireless ethernet signals across distances of up to several miles. The [project’s home page][fabfi] has an Afghanistan TLD — and how many times do you get to click on a link with an `af` in it? — and notes: “With Fabfi, communities can build their own wireless networks to gain high-speed internet connectivity—thus enabling them to access online educational, medical, and other resources.”

I’m lucky enough to live in a community where our public utility, owned and operated by the city, offers amazing fiber-to-the-home connectivity, and so my desire in building anything like this is tempered, but, as they also say, you never know when you may need to know how to build your own network infrastructure…

[make]: http://makemag.com/
[fabfi]: http://fabfi.fablab.af/