What I Love about the Python Community

So I’m reading the [PIP documentation][], to see if there is a way to issue one `update` command either to update `pip` itself, a single library, or all libraries at once, when I come across this bit of documentation for bundles”

> ### Bundles

>> *Note Pip bundles are poorly supported, poorly tested, not widely used, and unnecessary (the same goals can be achieved by distributing a directory of sdists and using –find-links to reference it). The feature will likely be removed in a future version of pip.*

> Another way to distribute a set of libraries is a bundle format (specific to pip). This format is not stable at this time (there simply hasn’t been any feedback, nor a great deal of thought). A bundle file contains all the source for your package, and you can have pip install them all together. Once you have the bundle file further network access won’t be necessary.

I love that parenthetical clause: “there simply hasn’t been any feedback, nor a great deal of thought.” It’s refreshing to get an assertion that bold.

[PIP documentation]: http://www.pip-installer.org/en/latest/