Weekend Update

So having the Damoclean sword for the boat book manuscript does amazing things. For the second day in a row, I have gotten up at 6:30 on a weekend morning and plunged into that list of tasks that always build up but detract from getting writing done during the week — what Stephen Covey once distinguished as the urgent versus the important. What have I done in the first few hours of these mornings?

– Written letters of support for promotion for colleagues (at R1s, no less, which is weird, because why would they ask me?).
– Mentored a recent graduate who was not my student nor even at my university, but she’s smart and she deserves the support.
– Transcribed notes from meeting with the BSA mobile app group and even accomplished the task therein!
– Caught up with all the stuff for the upcoming MLA meetings — AFS@MLA is back at two sessions, baby!
– Submitted paper for the upcoming conference in China.

Up next? Book some more airline travel and transcribe a recent interview with Kurt Venable (another little piece of the boat book).

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