Link: Uncommon Children

Knowing of the difficulties we have encountered with various educational institutions need to normalize practically everything, a friend sent along a link to a _Huffington Post_ essay that tries to stake out a reasonable middle ground between the mandated academic norms of the so-called Common Core and the increasing tendency for educational apparati to normalize just about everything else: e.g., emotions. I couldn’t agree more with Steve Nelson’s argument that [The World Needs Uncommon Children][uc]:

> I’m not interested in helping to create a homogeneous generation of common children, raised on the Common Core and marched through a regime of controls and conformity. And I certainly don’t care to see children’s complex and powerful emotions subdued by a program that takes authentic feelings and corrals them into a contrived box of “mood meters” and catch phrases. I cherish uncommon children who dye their hair purple, ask uncomfortable questions and solve problems in ways that I’d never considered. The world needs more artists, eccentrics, rebels and dreamers, not more cookie cutter adults who mindlessly follow all the rules.

(The “purple hair” refers to the opening scene of the essay where Nelson overhears school administrators discussing whether or not they should allow or forbid colored hair.)


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