Two Minutes

When Yung-Hsing and I were avid NBA watchers, following our beloved Pacers of old, we used to love to cry out “Two minutes! Two minutes!” just the way the announcer at Market Arena did. [James Clear has a nice post][] on Quora about just how much you can get done in two minutes. Mostly, it comes down to the idea that you can start just about anything in two minutes and that thinking of simply getting started is a nice way to lower the threshold to larger projects or changes you want to make. Here are some Clear’s examples:

> **Want to become a better writer?** Just write one sentence (2–Minute Rule), and you’ll often find yourself writing for an hour.
> **Want to eat healthier?** Just eat one piece of fruit (2–Minute Rule), and you’ll often find yourself inspired to make a healthy salad as well.
> **Want to make reading a habit?** Just read the first page of a new book (2–Minute Rule), and before you know it, the first three chapters have flown by.
> **Want to run three times a week?** Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, just get your running shoes on and get out the door (2–Minute Rule), and you’ll end up putting mileage on your legs instead of popcorn in your stomach.

[James Clear has a nice post]:

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