Tweaking the New CSS

Regular readers have probably noticed that over the holidays I tried out quite a few themes. There were a few that I really liked, especially Satorii by [Felipe Levin](, but I decided not to use for one reason or another. In Satorii’s case the CSS was rather involved and depended upon a grid system with which I was not familiar. While I still may return to the original custom theme I made for this site, Jello, I am interested in exploring what other themes have to offer not only in terms of looks but also in terms of functionality. I am particularly interested in finding a theme that will make it fairly easy to implement post formats when they are finally rolled into the official version of WordPress. (They are slated for WP 3.1, as I understand it.)

### Changing Up Fonts

There is the simple version of `@font-face`:

@font-face {
font-family: yourFontName ;
src: url( /location/of/font/FontFileName.ttf ) format(“truetype”);

/* Then use it like you would any other font */
.yourFontName { font-family: yourFontName , verdana, helvetica, sans-serif;

A more comprehensive version includes using [Microsoft’s embedded font widget]( — or [this one]( — and then coding for IE’s inadequacies.

@font-face {
font-family: ” your FontName “;
src: url( /location/of/font/FontFileName.eot ); /* IE */
src: local(” real FontName “), url( /location/of/font/FontFileName.ttf ) format(“truetype”); /* non-IE */

/* THEN use like you would any other font */
.yourFontName { font-family:” your FontName “, verdana, helvetica, sans-serif;

There’s more on cross-browser fonts [here](