Tumblr is down.

Tumblr has been down for twenty-four hours now. No big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it came right as I wanted to post the video from last night’s Belsnickeling, where Lily was held entranced by the powerful combination of Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus, and Black Peter. I will have a write-up momentarily, but Tumblr’s failing at this particular moment drives home for me that I prefer having more control over my infrastructure. I have done some research on setting up a tumblog using WordPress, and I will probably take advantage of the Christmas break to get that up and running.

Not too much time because I have an essay to revise for Journal of Folklore Research and there’s that book that is wanting some attention. I have two weeks while my daughter is still in school to cram in some overdue interviews with various folks, most of whom have been waiting for me to call them since September. (I am very lucky in my research in this way.)

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