Tribal Leadership

Business books are an interesting genre. In another life, I would love to have participated in something like critical business studies that took its cue from critical legal studies. (Maybe this field exists?)

That noted, I have to admit that I have read enough of the books in my time that I recognize the role many books have as consulting pitches and not really as standalone commodities. That’s perfectly acceptable. In some cases the humanities pursue a similar economy: scholarly books aren’t really published for the raw sales numbers they will accumulate but more for citations and/or speaking engagements, which are very similar economy to consulting.

And so when a book titledĀ Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization crops up on my intellectual/professional radar I am intrigued. How substantial will the book be? How well will its use of tribes articulate with domains of knowledge that I hold near and dear? I haven’t read it, but I will keep an eye out…