Traveling to Nashville

Over the last five days I have traveled from my home in Lafayette, Louisiana to Nashville, Tennessee in order to attend the annual meeting of the American Folklore Society. A log of my journey is below, but I have to say that thanks to the constant reminders from Leo Laporte on his “This Week in Technology” podcast, to which I subscribe through iTunes, I finally checked out Audible’s selection from audio books. I bought a novel and two nonfiction books and the miles quite literally just flew by. Before I knew it I was in Mississippi, then Alabama, then Tennessee, and then I was in Nashville and already almost to my hotel.

Waypoints for October 12:

  • 09:36 – leave the house.
  • 09:51 – get on Interstate 10 at Louisiana Avenue.
  • 11:56 – leave I-10 for I-59.
  • 12:58 – arrive Hattiesburg.
  • 15:00 – cross into Alabama.
  • 17:08 – arrive northside of Birmingham for overnight stay.

Waypoints for October 13:

  • 07:36 – depart Birmingham.
  • 10:19 – arrive Nashville (I-65 at Wedgewood Avenue).

Emboldened with such an easy passage, I decided to make almost the entire drive back on Saturday afternoon, leaving Nashville a little before three in the afternoon and getting into Baton Rouge around midnight. (I stayed the night with family, and then pressed on to Lafayette the next day.)

  • 14:42 – depart Hilton Hotel.
  • 17:41 – arrive westside of Birmingham (18th/19th Avenue Exit).
  • 23:56 – arrive Baton Rouge.

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