Aside: Thinking about Digital Libraries

After starting the fall semester thinking a lot about digital libraries, I had to put a lot of that thinking in a box while I turned to teaching, the small role I play in the digital humanities lab, and getting the AFS website development done. (It’s been slower than we planned.)

I am having to get that mental box down from a shelf, however, because I have failed to do one thing, and that is include our university library staff in the discussions about Project Bamboo, which is something I promised the Bamboo participants at the very first workshop. The result of my failure is that the library is being courted by organizations like BePress, which offer a ready-made institutional repository setup. That’s great, but all the major research universities are not going that direction. They are, instead, investing time (personnel) in open source solutions like DSpace, Fedora, and to a much lesser degree Omeka.

The use of Omeka and DSpace is not an either/or proposition, but a both/and.

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