Aside: Theme Trials

Yup. It’s summer. Time to play with themes. Ever in search of a theme with the smallest, fastest code base that also has much of the look I want as a base for any tweaking: the smallest CSS helps here. Some of the themes I have tried lately have had fairly large style sheets, which makes tweaking them extraordinarily difficult — and I have very particular ideas about how web pages should “respond” to various devices. (Hint: why call them smart phones if they can’t deal with a web page? Rebuttal to responses to this hint: responsive design is essential for complex websites, e.g. of the Washington Post, which have way too many verticals and horizontals. A smart phone should be able to deal with a two-column web page without the page having to make itself into a single column for the phone.)

That’s my argument, and I’m sticking with it.

That's a lot of themes.

That’s a lot of themes.

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