The Wind

Back in December 2012 my daughter’s class received the assignment that had two particular dimensions: first, they had to write a paragraph personifying something and, second, they needed to use ten verbs. My daughter doubled down on the challenge: she wanted to use ten verbs in a single sentence and she wanted to use something that could only be described with verbs, the wind:

> The wind whistled through the trees, looking down on the silly, helpless, people. She rippled, swirling, soaring, swinging, sailing, bouncing, skipping, tumbling, rolling, flipping, darting, flitting, fluttering, and dashing. High in the sky she flew above the birds, kites, and even the tallest redwood trees. Slowly she turned to a breeze, softly strolling along her daily path. She could hear the wishes, dreams, and hopes of all the children. The trees waved to her, their long fronds swaying this way and that. Stretching, she reaches and grabs at thin air. Now it is a game, her body always following her arms that hold an invisible grasp. She stops and perches on a tree branch. Now all is still. Even the trees do not bend under her weight. All is quiet.

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