The Web and the New Era of Micro Celebrities

[Paul Carr]( has a great article over at [TechCrunch]( in which he continues to snark at the cultural and social meringue that has piled on top of the Internet, often under the auspice of “Web 2.0.” The setup for the article is that he and Arrington are over at Le Web Conference in Paris and they ran into Anina, a model who has built — cultivated is perhaps the better word — a following in China and is seeking to spread her empire further afield. One of her methods for doing so is a personal iPhone app:

> Anina was in the middle of pitching Arrington on her new mobile app. It’s called Anina Dress-Up and, as the name hints, it allows teenage girls to dress up Anina in various outfits, and pervy men to do the exact reverse. Fun for all the family. The app is available as a free download, but each item of clothing – right down to the underwear – is a replica of a real garment that can be purchased through a mobile store. … What struck me about Anina’s demo of her app – apart from the mind-blowing weirdness of watching a hot real-life cartoon undressing a virtual cartoon version of herself – is how neatly it illustrated the latest fad for wired celebrities: the ego-app.

The [article is worth reading]( not only for the funniness of the moment but also because Carr is generally funny and snarky in all the ways one might hope.

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