Quote: The South Is the South

> For instance… let’s take the American “Cold Crusade” against Arabs and Islam. Seen from the perspective of someone who’s not a culturally normative white American and also not an Arab Muslim, this looks like a clear case of being Not So Different at all. In both cases (let’s say, the American South and the Persian Gulf), you’re talking about cultures of fairly poor people, who display a strong cultural preference for rural communities and disdain cities, who tend to build their economies on natural resources and cheap labor, who have strong traditions of hospitality, who have an intense racism in their culture (especially towards their guest-worker populations), who have a low level of average education but a very well-educated elite, who have and support intense inequality, who tend towards religious fundamentalism, who glorify violence, and who tend to restrict the rights of women well beyond what their religion actually calls for.

— on [reddit](http://www.reddit.com/r/TrueReddit/comments/1sz0kl/that_kelly_was_disturbed_by_the_possibility_of/ce2yviq?context=2)

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