The Size of Things

On the heels of my experiments in hacking computer speakers, I found myself with an old fourth generation iPod, the 20GB model, in my hand, and I was struck by how good it feels. It has the same roundrect shape of Apple’s iOS icons — but in three dimensions. It also feels like the length to width ratio is better than, say, the iPhone.

And that got me to wondering about the dimensions of the two objects and the aspect ratios involved. That meant getting a ruler out and measuring them. I included another much loved object for the sake of comparison:

Three Objects Side by Side

Object Length Width Depth L/W Ratio
iPhone 11.5cm 5.8cm .9cm 1.98
iPod 10.3cm 6.2cm 1.4cm 1.66
Moleskine 14cm 9cm 1.2cm 1.55

What’s interesting about the length-to-width ratios of the iPod and the Moleskine is how close they are to the golden ration of 1.618.

I tried to think of a way to throw the thickness of the objects into some relationship, but I couldn’t. I’m open to suggestions.

Three Objects Stacked