Link: The Rest of NSA

[The Week][] discusses all the departments/kinds of information to which Snowden did not have access, a conclusion drawn to some degree by information he has not made available. (Yes, they acknowledge that *absence of evidence is not evidence of absence*.)

I found myself rather overwhelmed by the kinds and levels of classification and/or compartmentalization of information within the intelligence … hmm, *community* may be the wrong word and *bureaucracy* may be the right word here. Occasionally, as I consider career alternatives, to what amounts to a dead-end job, I wonder what opportunities may lie with the various intelligence agencies. Then I see stuff like this, and I think *Oof!* what a nightmare of red tape. Been there, done that, as they say. (Still, I wish I had attended the ODI session at MLA.)

(And, er, if you’re in the American intelligence community and you’re reading this website, I *am* interested in what might be available. Just saying.)

[The Week]:

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