Link: The Future of Libraries

[More discussion on the future of libraries on the _Chronicle_.]( Some terrific comments as well as some less constructive ones — *Bah! Academics! Monographs! Scrap it all!* My heart lies with open source and open access, but I also love books. (Is that my gray beard showing?) In particular, living in a place where certain dimensions of the infrastructure cannot be taken for granted, I am always struck by the idea of *what happens when the power goes out?* or *what happens if internet access is unreliable?* I still want to be able to read, and so far the codex remains a pretty sturdy, reliable infrastructure for the transfer of knowledge.

I think, too, the strength of some of the convictions, some well intentioned and some not, reminded me that sometimes I have my own strong convictions that could use some tempering by simply remaining quiet for longer than is my first impulse. A chorus of voices is sometimes more effective than a single, strident voice.