The Basic Outline of a Science Article

With many thanks to my collaborator Katie Kinnaird — I will have to post the Twitter account and link later from which this comes.

  1. Introduction: Tell me what you’re going to tell me.
  2. Literature Review: Tell me what everyone else told you, and then in Current Study tell me what they’re missing.
  3. Methodology: In Data tell me how you got the data and in Analysis tell me what you are going to do to the data.
  4. Results: Tell me what the data told you.
  5. Discussion: Tell me again what the data said but in a way that anyone could understand, and then tell me how it’s relevant and how we can apply the findings.
  6. Conclusions: Tell me what you told me.
  7. Limitations: Tell me if you had any issue and why they are either/both not your fault and/or trivial enough that this is all still publishable.

It’s fairly reminiscent of the DoD’s Cue — View — Review methodology for instruction.

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