TED Weekends

Okay, stop me if it feels like things are getting pushed just a little too far, but the Huffington Post now has a featured called [TED Weekends][]. The blurb in the lower part of the lefthand column reads: “TEDWeekends will highlight some of today‚Äôs most intriguing ideas and allow them to develop in real time through your voice!” Sorry, but I’ve seen the [TED discussions on LinkedIn][] — and that’s why this feels like the push too far — and it’s really very much a producer-consumer dynamic: you little people can talk among yourselves. I have never seen any of the TED authors or even any of the TED staff show up in any of those discussions.

Make no mistake, there is some great content on TED, but how long can you milk Ken Robinson’s “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” And this is from someone who came across it the same year the video was published and has used it in his classes ever since.

This feels, in this moment, a lot like the FoodNetwork, which made a small list of chef/personalities famous but hasn’t really been able to grow beyond that moment. In part, in the case of FoodNetwork, one has the sense that they can’t quite figure out what worked so well in the first place and so they can’t quite give up their first stars. They may have gotten past this, in part, with their, televised even, search for their next stars, which had produced a limited cast of useful characters. And Guy Fieri.

And so maybe the question is who will be TED’s Guy? Because when they find him, we’ll know it’s time.

[TED Weekends]: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tedweekends/
[TED discussions on LinkedIn]: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=138801&trk=group-name