Dave Wise’s one-hour long documentary, [“Otherness”](http://youtu.be/vqch_NRdZuA), about his 45-day stay on Darnet Island during a difficult moment in his life was what the web promised it would deliver. Laid-off in his forties and facing a break-up with his girlfriend, Wise decided he needed some time off from the world, the social world, the everyday world, to think and, as corny as it sounds, to find himself again. The result is a documentary that is deeply personal and heartfelt. Quiet, mostly. And, I should also note, it doesn’t deliver any transformative narrative or message. Sometimes, Wise seems to suggest, we just need time to think. We don’t need to expect anything out of that time or that thinking. We just need the time.

10,000 shipping containers are lost at was each year. The link (in the header) takes you to a report on efforts to examine the “afterlife” of just one such container. (Hint: Something of a Jurassic Park moment.)

UPDATE: Oops! I don’t quite have the post format functionality up and running. In the interim, here’s a link to the story.

Rain of Terror

They are simple little things:


On their own, oak tassels are quite lovely. But what you can’t see here is how they fall and fall and fall, like Satan’s version of snow, snow that covers everything and makes you sneeze. (I manage to capture some of the tassels falling in the lower right-corner of the image.)


Until they cover everything:


And that doesn’t even begin to capture the green pollen dust which changes the color of cars and driveways.