### March 11

* Sold old truck to Bertinot’s.
* Picked up new truck from Courvelle.
* Had lunch with Jonathon Feinstein.
* Skimmed two papers by Feinstein before attending his afternoon talk.

March 4

### March 4

* Met with LS and discussed formation of LDHC.
* E-mailed ET global comments.
* Significant improvements to AFSweb test site. New look, new user roles, new functionality (forums, comments). Still in need of URL control.
* Finished writing 1000 words of field notes. (Still not done.)

March 3

### March 3

* I wrote the response to the UL System’s *Research Activities and Services Inventory* as forwarded to LS from ADB and e-mailed it to EL. (11:00)
* Reviewed graduate student application for CR. (11:51)
* E-mailed GS and invited him to join AFSweb ed board. Enabled the forum module on the AFSweb. In search of improved URLs. (14:00).
* Read the first two chapter’s of ET’s thesis.