Raiders of Old Movies

From [StooTV]( comes this great comparison cum compilation: the first dozen minutes of _Raiders of the Lost Ark_ in a “shot-by-shot comparison [with] scenes from 30 different adventure films made between 1919-1973.” As a number of bloggers have pointed out: this is how culture works. (Thanks to [BoingBoing](

Wylio for Copyleft Images

I depend upon the generosity of the internet quite often when looking for images to illustrate various ideas that I present in lectures to my classes. Sometimes it is the image that really helps students remember an idea they find otherwise too complex or too abstract. Finding the right image helps, but it has actually gotten more difficult in Flickr to find things that have a license that allows me to use them. (I suspect a lot of people are doing this as a result of being as lazy as me: setting the standard to too tight a license with the intent of loosening licensing later on most images. You just never get around to it.)

Enter Wylio.