Maybe Corpus Linguists Have, Maybe They Haven’t

Sometimes I do feel like [corpus linguists have already answered my question](, but sometimes I feel like they didn’t ask very interesting questions in the first place, and that’s why I continue to stumble along, covering ground they have already covered. My best example of this? The corpus linguistic notion of *lexical diversity* doesn’t seem very interesting — at least not in the forms I have encountered it. I am trying to use it as a way to think about the nature of speech genres. (Please don’t ask me to say more: I don’t have any answers at all. Only questions that CL hasn’t answered for me.)

Corpus Pattern Analysis?

I’ve never heard of [corpus pattern analysis][cpa], but the description sounds interesting: “The basis principle of this work is to attach meanings to patterns of usage (“constructions”or words in context), rather than to words in isolation.” Sounds like folklore to me. See [Patrick Hanks’ page][ph] for more information.