What Is Code?

Paul Ford’s [“What Is Code?”][bb] at/on _Bloomberg Business_ is a magnum opus of a treatment. My little word count app that I created as a service on my Mac logs the things at 30,000 words.

[bb]: http://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2015-paul-ford-what-is-code/

Model View Culture

The Feminist Technology Collective is now publishing [_Model View Culture_][]mvc], which has to be the greatest title ever, and one I wish I had thought of. It joins the interview with David Golumbia over at [Dichtung Digital][dd] in being a thoughtful critique from a theoretically-informed perspective on aspects of technology that have gone under-examined. (My thanks to [Jonathan Goodwin][jg] for the heads up on the Golumbia interview.)

[mvc]: http://modelviewculture.com/
[dd]: http://www.dichtung-digital.de/journal/nachste-nummer/?postID=2150
[jg]: http://www.jgoodwin.net/