ScanSnap and Evernote

Nice find: [Fujitsu is offering a year’s worth of Evernote Premium][f] if you buy one of their ScanSnap devices.


Google Should Buy the Music Industry

It started off as a throwaway line by Wayne Rosso, but it’s beginning to grow into something of a meme:

The latest rumor to emerge from the Google campus is that the company’s much anticipated music service is just about at the end of their rope with the major label licensing process. A source close to the negotiations characterizes the search giant as “disgusted” with the labels, so much so that they are seriously considering following Amazon’s lead and launching their music could service without label licenses. I’m told that, though very remote and my guess is that it would never come to this, Google may go so far as to shut down the music service project altogether.

Google may be starting to think that if the industry weren’t going to sue Amazon, then why would they take on Google? After all, who needs whom the most in this scenario? Could you even wrap your brain around the legal costs? As a source pointed out to me, “Larry, Serge and Eric could buy the entire music industry with their personal money”.

“iDisk Not in Sync”

I was on the verge of writing a rather glowing account of the joys of going “All in with iDisk” when I have encountered a persistent error message: *iDisk not in sync*. Here is the text of that message from the Console:

3/30/10 10:12
/Info.woa/wa/XMLRPC/accountInfo (FAILED), httpStatusCode:-1,
errorType:106 (domain=AYErrorDomain, code=2),
transactionState:5, txnId:694B8C79-C874-4ED3-A7E1-F5690D9DE75F,