[NASA has interactive flood maps](http://flood.firetree.net/) using Google Maps as the backend. The maps let you see how a rise in sea levels effects various parts of the world. I checked, and it looks like up to about 13 meters (about 45 feet), we’re good where we are in this part of Lafayette, but we beachfront property by then.

Here’s Louisiana with a sea level rise of 5 meters (about 15 feet):

Louisiana's Coast with a Five Meter Rise in Sea Level

Oceanic Conveyor Belt

Over the holidays I engaged in a variety of “clean up, get organized” efforts, one of which included going through folders and folders of old images. Those that deserved preserving got imported into a Lightroom catalog. Those that were duplicates — thank you Lightroom for making this easy! — and those that were simply “Why do I have this?” got thrown in the virtual trash. And then there’s this.