Broadcast Television Now Filmed with Canon 5D

It’s a bit staggering to think about it, but the season finale of House was shot entirely using a Canon 5D camera. The director loved the experience. The details of the shoot, as pulled from his tweets are:

  • The episode was shot at 24fps.
  • They used a collection of stock Canon prime lenses (all the L stuff) as well as the 24-70 and 70-200 zoom lenses. (Hey, those are the lenses I have, but, oh yeah, mine are EFS, not L.) These lenses provided some focusing problems, but apparently “cine-style” lenses are already in the pipeline.
  • They used plain old CF cards. 18GB cards gave them 22 minutes of footage.

Amazing. For years, the gap between amateur and pro quality gear was considerable. It has closed in recent years, but there was still a gap. The Canon 5D is not exactly something you’re going to find at Walmart — the body is currently priced at $2500 on Amazon — but it’s not beyond comprehension. Why, only a few years ago the folklore concentration at the University of Louisiana invested in a prosumer Canon video camera that was $3500. The 5D is clearly now professional grade, and it’s less. (But in saying that I really am lying, because I am completely leaving out the cost of lenses.)

For those who don’t want to wait for the House episode, you can check out a short film shot with the 5D. (Not the best film, but the cinematography is nice.)

Oh, did I mention the 5D shoots in HD?