What is wrong with Audible?

For the second time is as many weeks I have received a promotion from Audible, proceeded to take advantage of it, which really means me buying an audio book I would not normally buy, and then, upon clicking the button to complete the purchase, I am told that the promotion does not apply or that I have already used the promotion.

Here is the all too familiar error message:

Screen Shot of Audible Error


Update: The purchase actually went through: the audio book is now in my library. Still, Audible has some work to do. If no error occurred, then the customer should get no error prompt.



Audiobooks in iTunes

> Well, first you’ll need to convert the mp3s to AAC (M4A) – yes I know transcoding between lossy formats is bad but I recently converted from MP3 to M4A for just this purpose (using the Spoken Podcast option in iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > Importing) and was impressed with the quality. Once you’ve put it onto that setting I just mentioned, select and then Control-Click the mp3s in your iTunes library and then Convert to AAC.
> Once that’s finished (it may take some time) you need to do a few more things to make iTunes recognise the files as audio book content. First, select the newly-converted AAC (M4A) files and Get Info. Under Options, select ‘Remember playback position’ and ‘Skip when Shuffling’. Then use the Reveal in Finder command after ok’ing the Get Info dialog and – here’s the crappy part – manually rename all the extensions of the .m4a files to .m4b. No, there’s no quick way to do it, each one, manually. Makes you sick doesn’t it. Once that’s done, delete the old AAC (M4A) converts from your iTunes library and then add the .m4b files you just renamed to the library and voila.
> Apple sure make things easy. Of course you could just use the ‘Skip when shuffling’ option but then it wouldn’t be in the Audiobooks menu, and if you’re like me you want Audiobooks to be in the goddamn Audiobooks menu!