Two Promising Video Library Apps

I have discovered nothing so far that does for video, and audio for that matter, what Lightroom does for photography. Aperture can handle video files, but I don’t think it’s quite what the doctor ordered. Er, the professor.

There are two applications mentioned in a recent thread at Ars Technica that look promising: Usher and Clipstart. Usher looks more sophisticated, but both apps probably deserve a test drive. They are approximately the same price: Usher is $35 and Clipstart $29.

Pro Photographer’s Workflow

Chase Jarvis is the author of the popular Best Camera blog and book. (His argument is/was the best camera is the one you have with you, and so the book is a collection of photographs taken with his iPhone camera. The subtext is that one should focus on such abilities as composition, lighting, and framing rather than worry about the gear/gadgets in your hand.)

Also on his website is a nice video that details his workflow. Jarvis is a professional photographer with not only a serious staff who accompany him everywhere but also a pretty serious collection of gear. Essentially, he runs all his images and video through Aperture and onto hard drives — Adobe, are you paying attention? Video! — the hard drives escalate from portable drives in the field, to small RAID drives in hotel rooms, to a serious XServe set up back at his office/studio.

The takeaway here? Backup, backup, backup. And an important corollary is many, many copies in diverse locations. (Offsite, offsite, offsite.)

A tidbit within all this is the file naming convention they use: