Stormy Wednesday

The University is closed today, thanks to Hurricane Isaac, and I spent the morning updating the design of the website: cleaning out some typographical cruft (getting rid of Google Web Fonts in favor of fonts already available to most users) and getting rid of the lefthand column for metadata, which not resides in small type across the top of each post.

Details for those interested:

* The sans-serif type face I have been using for headers, footers, and headings was *Economica*, but I have changed that to Apple’s *Avenir New Condensed* — which looks a lot like Adobe’s *Myriad Pro*, a particular favorite of mine. Right now, on the Windows side, the display face should give you something reasonable with *Arial Narrow*, but I hope to be able to call upon Microsoft’s new *Segoe* type face in the near future. (For reference, the body type face remains `Georgia, Times, serif` in the style sheet.) This change gets rid of two calls to Google’s font server, one from the PHP for the header and one from the style sheet itself. It’s an incremental speed-up, but I feel like it also increases users’ privacy by not dragging you through a third-party server.
* The gradient background fill never quite worked for me, especially when the javascript toolbar was present. It is now gone.
* The lefthand column for metadata, which was really some CSS trickery with a negative margin always bugged me a little bit, and, to be honest, it never looked all that great. I like the single column format: the goal is here to write to be read, so why not make the reading as pleasant as possible?

In the afternoon, I revived my [Evernote]( account having waded through the many videos for [The Secret Weapon]( My goal is to bring a reasonable system for keeping track of things to get done back into my world. I own licenses for OmniFocus for Mac and iPhone, but I balked at paying more information for the iPad app. I own a license for Things for iOS, but I don’t know if I ever paid for a license for the Mac. And, besides, both were lousy about attaching information with to do items.

The flip side is that TSW appears to be less effective at capturing simple to do items: it appears mostly to be aimed at leveraging e-mail inboxes as sites for generating actions. *Hmmmm.* We’ll see how this works out. It’d be nice for this to work across the whole range of stuff that comes across my desk and that syncs as easily as Evernote does.