Some Things You Can’t Make Up

See Item 3 in the course requirements below:

> Spring 2009

> Intelligent Design (SOUTHERN EVANGELICAL SEMINARY AP 410, 510, and 810; May 11 – 16, 2009)

> THE DUE DATE FOR ALL WORK IN THIS COURSE IS AUGUST 14, 2009. Here’s what you will need to do to wrap things up:

> AP410. This is the undegrad course. You have three things to do: (1) take the final exam (worth 40% of your grade); (2) write a 3,000- word essay on the theological significance of intelligent design (worth 40% of your grade); (3) provide at least 10 posts defending ID that you’ve made on “hostile” websites, the posts totalling 2,000 words, along with the URLs (i.e., web links) to each post (worth 20% of your grade).