Small World: A bit of Louisiana in Indiana

I have been browsing the Digital Library Program at Indiana University and came across the [Charles Cushman collection]( Cushman was an amateur photographer who donated over 14,000 slides to his alma mater, IU. In addition to scans of the slides, the DLP has also scanned his notebooks, which reveal a remarkable eye for detail and record-keeping. *Wow.*

Cushman made several trips to New Orleans and he has a variety of photographs which oscillate between tourist, art photographer, and photojournalist. (It does make me curious about the man, so job well done there to whomever curated the collection.) While in New Orleans, he made a few side trips outside the city, one to my part of the world. In fact, he has photographs of the Billeaud sugar mill, which no longer stands, but is something of a standing joke in my family because people still give directions based on it. E.g., “Take a left where the mill used to be.”

The Billeaud Sugar Mill.

*The image is drawn directly from the collection’s website, so if you’d like to see a larger version of the image or find out more about it, please click the link above. You can find this image and others by simply searching for “billeaud” on the search page.*