Small Spaces

I have always enjoyed the idea of small spaces, especially elaborate small spaces like these [apartments in Jessica Mason’s list][jm]. I’ve seen the Hong Kong apartment with movable walls before, but I had no idea that “tiny apartment” was a video genre. (But then what isn’t a video genre these days?) Design milk has a similar list of [backyard offices][dm], which are altogether better designed and better made. (That is, they seem to be like the HK apartment, the product of an architectural design process.)

Backyard office

What all these small spaces hold is purpose. At least in their representations, they are all about functionality and bypass cruft. You need a table: here is a table. You have room for two people: here are two chairs, two glasses, two plates, etc.

My own space is approaching these in its purposefulness, but since it is a living space, it also has a fair amount of cruft. Also, it is not as customized as I might like, if only because I don’t yet feel comfortable making too many modifications to the house itself.

If you are interested in the HK apartment, here it is: