Slide Templates

I am looking for a Keynote Theme or PowerPoint template on which I can build an entire semester of presentations to my Louisiana folklore class and that will good used as a basis for viewable lecturecasts or as printable PDFs. I think I want something that feels like old-time letterpress printing. That’s just my impulse for now.

Here are some possible candidates:

[Canto][1] by KeynotePro is 24.95 for the standard definition version.

Inline1 12  dragged

[Transinfinite][2] by Keynote Theme Park is okay. It’s 19.95 and would require some re-working.

Trans 01

Decent PowerPoint templates are harder to find: there’s a myriad out there, but finding something, well, not ugly is difficult. Here are some ideas that I like from [Powered Templates][3]:

Wavy Branches

B 1

B 4

Yellow Tree is available [here][4]. $12 for three slides. $24 for 17.


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