Site Update

Regular readers and/or subscribers may want to ignore and/or turn off their feed from until the new year in a few days. With the new site design emerging, I am also taking advantage of some wet weather to stay home and port both a number of pages into the post database as well as a collection of notes and stray documents.

I am converting the pages into posts because I have decided, for the sake of simplicity, to keep as much as possible a post and to use a limited number of pages to index, or point to, lists of posts. As some of you will know, WordPress treats posts and pages differently. Pages are not categorized nor are they taggable. They were, and might still be, not searched using the default search scripts.

In user space, me, I just wasn’t using the pages very much. If I want to find anything, I typically either search for it or I click on a tag.

For those who had links to pages, I apologize. Most of the incoming links point to posts, and I hope to make the transition as smooth as possible.