Aside: Site Changes

No doubt regular readers have already noticed that the look of the site is different. In an effort both to streamline some aspects of the site’s infrastructure and to make it more like the notebook it is always, in the end, intended to be, I have made a number of changes:

  1. The most obvious change is to the theming of the site, which is a modification of the default Twenty Ten theme that comes with every WordPress installation. The modification I am using is in fact built on the Tumble Ten offered by WPSwitch. Because I like things visually simple, I have gutted out the header graphic and the horizontal menu.
  2. Getting rid of the horizontal menu, which is essentially used to navigate pages is easy because I have decided to get rid of pages. Everything is a post. Some of the basic pages that were regularly used will become backdated posts, and I will find a way to honor the old URLs. A lot of pages were largely hidden from view and acted as a kind of notebook for me, but as the pages got older they got less use and so it was time to fold them into the main WordPress approach, which is always oriented toward posts anyway. I’ll backdate where I can, and some of the notes — the ones which I don’t use and have no incoming links — will probably simply go away.
  3. Finally, I am trying my hand at folding tumble-blog functionality into my main blog. If readers feel like they are getting too much, it’s possible I’ll find a way to move some things off the main page. Who knows, maybe the expansion of scope toward a more integrated life will be compelling to others as well. (More on this in a later post on teaching, too.)