Setting up iPython Notebook on Mac OS X

*Woo hoo!* I have the iPython notebook up and running and it actually runs in Safari just fine. (I had Chrome open, but Safari was where the window opened.) I don’t know if the MacPorts version of iPython simply doesn’t know all the dependencies, but here is a complete list of what you will need to `port search` for and then `sudo port install`:

* `jinja2`, needed for the notebook
* `sphinx`, needed for nbconvert
* `zmq`, needed for IPython’s parallel computing features, qt console and notebook
* `pygments`, used by nbconvert and the Qt console for syntax highlighting
* `tornado`, needed by the web-based notebook
* `nose`, used by the test suite
* `readline` (probably already installed), needed for the terminal

And then, of course, you’ll also need to install `ipython`, if you haven’t already, and do the `ipython_select` thing mentioned in a previous post. (Click the [python tag]( and you’ll see it listed.

With all that done, all you need to do is enter:

ipython notebook –pylab=inline

And a tab should open in your open browser that will slowly begin to collect stuff from your iPython session.

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