Seen Them in Print

Every week our daughter comes home with a list of spelling words. Eight of them are for everyone and three of them are “challenge” words. (Eight plus three seems ingrained in us — I’m reminded of the old DOS filename convention for some odd reason.) The relationship between the regular spelling words and the challenge words is for another post — sometimes the challenge words seem easier to us — but last week’s list of words caught our attention:

Raisin, straight, entertain, complain.

Display, roadway, payment, anyway.

Straight and entertain are hard words. We knew Lily had gotten them right on the diagnostic spelling test her class is given at the beginning of every week which includes the upcoming words.

“How did you know how to spell those words?” my wife asked.

“I had seen them in print, momma,” she replied.

Update: my wife remembers them because they invented the following sentences: The raisin stood up straight and said, “entertain me. Do not complain.” and The display on the roadway said to make the payment anyway.

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