There’s a lot more to Python’s `scikit` than I realized:

[~]% port search scikit

py27-scikit-image @0.10.1 (python, science)
Image processing algorithms for SciPy.

py27-scikit-learn @0.15.2 (python, science)
Easy-to-use and general-purpose machine learning in Python

py27-scikits-bootstrap @0.3.2 (python, science)
Bootstrap confidence interval estimation routines for SciPy.

py27-scikits-bvp_solver @1.1 (python, science)
bvp_solver is a Python package for solving two-point boundary value

py27-scikits-module @0.1 (python)
provides the files common to all scikits

py27-scikits-samplerate @0.3.3 (python, science, audio)
A Python module for high quality audio resampling

And this is just the Python 2.7 offerings. There are similar offerings for 2.6, 3.2, and 3.3.

Speaking of 3.3, it looks like most of the libraries with which I work now have 3.3 compatible versions? Time to upgrade myself?

I also installed `scrapy` this morning. I’m not quite ready to scrape the web for my own work, but the library looked like it had some useful functionality that I could at least begin to get familiar with.

**EDITED** to defeat autocorrect, which had changed `scikit` to *sickout* and `scrapy` to *scrap* without my noticing.

**Also**: many thanks again to Michel Fortin and his amazing [Markdown PHP plug-in][]. The code fence blocks are a real time-saver: no need to indent everything with four spaces after a colon. Just block off code with the same number of tildes on either end. *Done*.

[Markdown PHP plug-in]:

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