Scientists Fault Universities as Favoring Research Over Teaching

Interesting *zeitgeist* moment in which [*Nature*][n] and [*Science*][s] publish articles by established scientists critiquing the system that essentially rewards winning grant money above all else:

> Mr. Mann, who served as chairman of biochemistry at Vermont from 1984 to 2005, said grant money made up about 22 percent of his salary as an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota back in 1970. Now it’s 60 percent, as he pulls in about $3-million a year in federal support, and administrators at Vermont are asking him to push it even higher.

> “Nobody has ever asked me how good my papers were, and I think you would find that universally true,” he said, “They basically say, Well, how many research dollars are you bringing in?”

From [*The Chronicle’s* coverage][c].