Status: Rubrification

I’m taking an online workshop that, essentially, walks you through a 28-page rubric. 8 standards broken into 43 specific thingamajigs. There are a series of slides for each general standards that walks you through some of the specifics. Each and every specific slide begins like this:

Standard $ states, “Encapsulated abstraction that is not to hard to figure out here.”

Standard $ is an [essential | very important | important] Standard in the Rubric.

The Rubric offers Annotations to further explain what is meant by Standard $.

Take a moment to read the Annotation for Standard $ in the Rubric.

This is how I have spent a good chunk of my past week. I’m an intelligent man. Really, I think so. But I don’t think I’m going to make it through this workshop.

What happens is that I end up thinking about how I would write a Python script to write this stuff. Natural language processing, indeed.

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