Link: Rebooting the Tractor

Bloomberg Business Week has an interesting report on a [post-acolyptic survival machine farm][]. The farm’s founders say they are working on a “civilizational reboot”, which is an interesting idea in and of itself, but what I found most interesting is that they are trying to re-create basic machines using a semi-standard set of spare parts. The tractor below is but one example of a variety of machines that are all running off what they describe as a “power cube”:

> Most of Factor e Farm’s equipment runs on an in-house invention called a Power Cube. It’s a black metal box about the size of an office copier, with a 27-horsepower engine that runs a hydraulic pump. The Power Cube’s engine can drive the bulldozers; the pumps can power the table saws and other smaller, stationary machines.

[post-acolyptic survival machine farm]: