A Rainy Friday Morning Project

We have had a couple of days of freezing rain here in south Louisiana, which is bad enough weather as far as the local population is concerned that the area’s schools cancelled classes yesterday and today (Thursday and Friday). (With the host of private schools in Lafayette, there is a great deal of transporting of children at eight in the morning and again at three.) The same storm front that closed airports in Texas and Oklahoma has mostly confined itself to cold rain and some ice-covered shrubbery first thing in the morning, but that may change tonight with predictions of temperatures in the twenties.

That’s bad enough that I worried a bit about our external faucets and, glimpsing a commercial cover at a friend’s house, I decided to build my own re-usable covers out of some styrofoam and the remaining piece of a yard sign that had previously been used to build a new insert for my fieldwork gear bag:


There is a complete slide show here but if you want to see my notes, it looks like your best bet is to view the set.