Link: Programming for Humanists

It’s nice to see the hopes of the Texas Digital Humanities Conference bear fruit so quickly. I’m sure that Texas A & M already had plans underway, but I think TXDHC helped articulate/realize an audience, as well as a sense of direction, for TAMU’s [Programming for Humanists][]. While I might have wanted an intensive one-week course, I think the two-hour weekly course will give people plenty of time to digest and experiment with XSLT, XPath, XQuery, Mallet, and R — though I don’t quite see how they are going to fit Mallet and R into only one session each. If I could afford to sign up for the [certificate version][] of the course, I would, but at the rate my salary has eroded over the past five years, I can’t even afford to sign up for the non-certificate version of $300. *Sigh.*

[Programming for Humanists]:
[certificate version]:

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