Post Formats Now in WordPress

Now that I have had a chance to work with the [Tumblog Plugin][tp], my overall sense of it is that it is a kludge. (If I could get its companion software, [Express App][exp], to work on my phone, I might be more forgiving, but I haven’t, so I am not.) The plugin’s UI is extraordinarily involved, and I don’t particularly admire how the exact workings of the plugin are hard to follow.

I need not fuss with it too much longer, however: *post formats* are designated to arrive in [WordPress 3.1][wp31]. *Hooray!* From the [Codex][]:

> Formats are meta information that can be used by themes to customize presentation of a post. The basic idea is to provide a specific method for specifying the display “format” of a post. This replaces the need to use categories to accomplish the same thing, and even more importantly, is portable between themes that support those formats!